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What we do

Here at Daratech we help people recover from financial uncertainties and we help them make the ends meet at the same time. The guarantor loans we offer in U.K can actually help even those with bad credit standing o be able to get back into track once again.  With the help of a guarantor, anyone can still get a loan as long as the guarantor is qualified to be called one. To get a guarantor, anyone must have the requirements that must be submitted. In terms of the age, the guarantor should be more than 21 years of age.

Also, he/she must have a good credit standing, so that he/she will be accepted as a guarantor. If in case, he/she doesn’t have a good credit history, or most likely similar to your loan history, there is a big possibility that the loan may not push through. Apart from having a good credit background, the guarantor should also be a resident in U.K; this is because the guarantor loan is only available in this country. There are also checks that the guarantor must go through, but there is nothing to worry about, because these checks are typically done in ordinary loans too. The checks may indicate the provisions of the bank statements, the evidence of the identification and the bank details at the same time.

In terms of the eligibility to be a guarantor, anyone can be a guarantor, except for one. The guarantor should not be financially linked to you, one perfect example is your husband or wife. This is our only strict requirement, so you may have any of your colleagues, friends, relatives and others to be your guarantor. As soon as you have known that primary steps that must be fulfilled in order to be credible to apply or the loan, there must be some steps to follow.

First, you need to select a guarantor loan company. There are lots of guarantor loan companies that have just started in the U.K. it will be best to select one that has proven its worth. Here at  Daratech Loans UK you can be sure that you are in good hands. You need to select a good company, because some might just add bad credit to your background and it will only put you into trouble once again by paying bigger mount more than you need to. You must also keep in mind of the interest rates that you will be paying for, since this is very important. You must find out if the rate of the company is reasonable or not. Here, we do not charge upfront fees and we do not have any hidden fees, because our goal is to help and not to add burden to our clients.

Through the loan, we give; you will be able to recover from your financial problem. You need to select a company with a good customer service background and a company that you can trust. You also need to select a good guarantor who will be of help to you in terms of getting the loan and will be very much willing to accompany you throughout the process.